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1 Department of Research and Development, UOP, Santiago, Chile

2 Ph.D. of Science in Chemical Engineering, Process Engineer & Risk Specialist in Industries, Iran


There are several techniques for removing contaminants from water and wastewater. In the meantime, the surface adsorption is one of the simplest, the most effective, and economical methods for wastewater treatment. This review article refers to the recent research on the removal of various contaminants with various adsorbents from water and wastewater. Knowing the conducted research and background of the research topic can greatly help the study progress and achieve new logical results. Awareness of the previous research on the subject puts the study path in the continuation of the prior studies and is nothing duplicate and separated from them. Here are some examples of research from both internal and external sources on the subject of research. The movement of groundwater due to the complexity and irregularity of boundary conditions and the heterogeneity of the porous environment can rarely be studied by analytical methods. Therefore, in order to solve groundwater problems, either numerical methods should be used or experimental models should be used in problems where the governing equations also have errors. Experimental models can be divided into two parts, physical or allegorical, which were studied in detail in previous sections. Since the equation governing the lattice models is the same as the equation governing groundwater in saturation, but its structure is not like the real porous medium, this model can therefore be considered as an allegorical model.

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An Overview of the History of Using Adsorbents in Environment


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