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Pain is a sensory state and indicates a disorder in the body. It can be affected in two ways. First, the sensitivity of the relevant receptors can be reduced to such an extent that their excitability is reduced or eliminated by pain waves, which results in a reduction or disappearance of the sensation of pain. It is also possible to induce analgesia by attenuating or eliminating pain waves which enter the thalamus and affect sensitive cortices in the brain. With the synthesis and discovery of new analgesics, the classification of analgesics into non-narcotic compounds and other narcotic compounds is no longer common, and today they are divided into two main groups in terms of potency: weak analgesics and strong analgesics. The first group consists of compounds which are suitable for the treatment of simple and moderate pain and most of them have antipyretic, anti-inflammatory (anti-inflammatory), and anti-rheumatic effects. Very severe pain such as pain from surgery, cancer pain, renal colic, and biliary cannot be relieved with the first group of compounds, and for this, strong analgesics are used which are mostly drugs. 

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Chemical Evaluation of the Effects of Analgesics on the Body's Chemical Cells


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