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1 Department of Chemistry, Aga Khan University, Pakistan

2 Department of Chemistry, Aga Kahn University, Pakistan


Objective: Present study designed to evaluate the effectiveness of an extract obtained from Cleome dolichostyla on calcium oxalate crystallization in vitro.
Materials and Methods: In this laboratory research, after taking the aqueous extract of 5 grams of Cleome dolichostyla by 100 ml of distilled water at gentle heating, the formation and dissolution of calcium oxalate in the absence and presence of extract was investigated by complexometric and conductometric methods.
Results: The effect of the extracts on the prevention of sediment formation was studied and the results of the conductometric titration curve method for leaves of Cleome dolichostyla showed a significant difference (175.0 µmol) between the concentration of calcuim in the absence (450.0 µmol) and presence of the extract (625.0 µmol) and for seeds, the difference was (38/0 µmol) in the absence (450/0 µmol) and presence (488/0 µmol) of the extract. In the study of the effect of extract on the stone dissolution, the results of the complexometry method showed that the amount of calcium measured by the dissolution of calcium oxalate crystals for the leaves of Cleome dolichostyla in the presence of extract, was 2.5 µmol higher than that in the absence of extract and for seeds was 6.0 µmol higher.
Conclusion: According to this study, Cleome dolichostyla aqueous extract dissolves calcium oxalate kidney stone, but cannot prevent the formation of them.

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The Electrochemical Study of the Effects of Herbal Tea on Calcium Oxalate Renal Stones


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